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The GLCEDC dedicates its purpose to supporting the retention and expansion of existing enterprises and to attracting new businesses.  Additionally, the GLCEDC recognizes the importance of a highly trained and competent workforce and works diligently with Heartland Community College, The Livingston Area Career Center, and the Grundy, Kankakee, Livingston County Workforce Investment Board to respond to the needs of current and prospective employers.  Furthermore, as a respected advocate of the business community, the GLCEDC works with elected officials at the federal, state, and local levels to advocate for more business-friendly policies pertaining to workers’ compensation insurance, tax reform[s], and other pro-business initiatives as directed by our Board of Directors.  The GLCEDC also serves as a liaison between a business and government agencies to facilitate and expedite the development of new projects.

Membership Benefits

Benefits to joining the GLCEDC include but are not limited to:

  • Serving on the GLCEDC Board of Directors or Executive Committee.
  • Participation in small group roundtable discussions with federal, state, and local officials.
  • Having a pro-business advocate to use as a resource when considering business expansion.
  • Your business being featured on the GLCEDC website and in GLCEDC promotion material.
  • Employee participation training seminars and other training opportunities.
  • Excellent networking opportunities with leaders in the public and private sector.
  • The GLCEDC can connect your business to Livingston County students to create an improved learning environment. 
  • Quarterly Email Newsletters about the GLCEDC and its members.

Membership Levels

  • Platinum – Minimum $25,000
  • Gold Level – Minimum $10,000
  • Silver Level – Minimum $5,000
  • Bronze Level – Minimum $1,000
  • Associate Membership – Minimum $500 up to Bronze
  • Municipal Membership – $2-$3 per resident


DeLong Ford, Inc. has been serving Dwight and the surrounding areas since 1940. The GLCEDC was persistent in their support of growing my Ford Dealership with a Building Improvement Grant. I hope other businesses take the initiative to reach out to the GLCEDC and take advantage of the help that they can provide. Adam was very professional and cares about growing communities in Livingston County.

Jonathan DeLong, General Manager, DeLong Ford

STEM allows for students at all different math, reading, and science skills to work together in solving a problem. We have seen tremendous growth in student’s ability to collaborate with one another while accomplishing STEM goals. We have students who normally struggle in math and science take a leadership role in the classroom building confidence as they work through a difficult task with classmates. Last year, we would have not been able to develop a K-8 program, impacting 1,250 students, without the funding from the GLCEDC/Livingston County STEM grant. The funds allowed us to purchase resources/materials that were outside of our budget. It would have taken us at least three years to make similar purchases due to state funding limitation.

Brian Dukes, Superintendent, Pontiac School District #429

Selig Group is a global company serving a worldwide market from Forrest. The current staff supporting our efforts in the Forrest plant are nearing 150 employees. We are creating additional opportunities to grow this business site in the decade. Selig looks to the GLCEDC for multiple forms of assistance of ranging from employee educational tools to financial assistance.

Growing up in Livingston County, I was extremely pleased to see that the GLCEDC understands the needs of the area businesses and the strengths and weaknesses of this community. Taking this understanding and focusing on creating an environment to encourage and assist growth, we have found our partnership with the GLCEDC to be a very worthwhile investment and proudly hang our membership decal on our entrance.

Brad Gulliford, Director – US Operations, Selig Group

Technical Metals greatly appreciates the help of the GLCEDC as we hire new employees and incur significant training costs and make large capital investments. The $47,500 grant made by the GLCEDC helped offset the cost of purchasing a vertical and horizontal CNC machine center for TMI’s 10 additional employees last year.  Additionally, TMI plans to hire 10 or more employees in 2018. Our business is very capital intensive, and as we complete against companies around the world, growth in Illinois is very difficult without assistance such as the GLCEDC provides.

Jerry Hoffman, President, Technical Metals

Having actual industry level equipment in the classroom allows our students to gain professional “hands-on” experience with software, servers, and an unlimited combination of virtual labs that simulate professional settings. Livingston Area Career Center students are graduating with actual hours logged on the same equipment being utilized in local industry. This technology gives our students a competitive edge and puts them at the top of the list when competing for employment in the IT field.

Doug Masching, Computer Maintenance/Networking, Livingston Area Career Center

The GLCEDC’s property tax abatement and hiring incentive programs, with the support of local government units, have assisted Anthony Liftgates to expand its facility by nearly 25% and increase employment by nearly 20%.  Collectively, Anthony Liftgates has invested nearly $1,000,000 on building improvements, sales, marketing, and product offerings in order to grow our market share in the truck equipment industry.

The GLCEDC’s simple and streamlined approach to getting things done is very refreshing. Helping existing local businesses is a great approach to improving economic opportunities for employers and employees alike.   We look forward to the possibilities of working with the GLCEDC as we continue to invest in our company and its people.

Thomas Walker, President, Anthony Liftgates

The funds from the GLCEDC/Livingston County have helped students in Engineering and Architectural Design gain hands-on experience with CNC and 3D printers. On the CNC machines, students have learned how to export files from AutoCAD to a CNC machines program that develops the X, Y, Z coordinates to create objects like signs, chairs and stools. They have also learned how to engrave using a laser cutter and spindle that can cut shapes and designs out of wood. The 3D printers have given students the opportunity to create numerous 3D models and inventions.

Ryan Woith, Engineering, AUTOCAD, Livingston Area Career Center

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