Senator speaks on budget issues (Daily Leader)

DAILY LEADER | August 1, 2014

Various business leaders, as well as city and county leaders, gathered at Exact Packaging Wednesday for an event that featured Sen. Jason Barickman. The Bloomington Republican touched on budgetary issues, as well as worker’s compensation reform.

Adam Dontz, chief executive officer of the GLCEDC, praised Barickman for being an active participant in listening to the residents of his district and taking those ideas to Springfield.

“The senator is listening to the business community and responding to them to address certain issues with respect to the worker’s compensation to make this a more competitive state in the Midwest,” Dontz said. “The senator has been a great friend of economic development. He’s highly responsive and we’re pleased to have him here today.”

Barickman let the crowd know he understands people may feel the legislature didn’t do its job in Springfield this year. He said last year, the business concerned social issues, like speed limits and concealed carry, while this year was all about finances.

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